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101: Becoming Fat-Adapted with Ben Azadi

Jul 6, 2021 | Season 3


In 2008, Ben Azadi went through a personal health transformation of shredding 80 pounds of pure fat. Ever since, Ben, FDN-P, has been on a mission to help 1 billion people live a healthier lifestyle.

Today he shares his expertise on the topics of the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and metabolic flexibility. He shares practical tips to get fat-adapted along with the common keto traps you need to avoid in order to optimize your health and lose weight.


0:53 Welcome to the show!

3:2 Ben Azadi's Bio

4:08 Welcome Ben to the show

5:25 How he got started in the health industry

9:35 Reestablishing a positive mindset

12:53 Why Keto isn’t a diet

14:20 Metabolic flexibility & Keto flexing

15:30 How our ancestors naturally fasted

18:15 Common reasons for keto fails

20:14 Using bitters to increase bile flow

21:22 The Four Pillars of Keto Flexing

23:18 The “2-2-2-2 Rule”

24:22 Why we need to “mix things up”

28:12 We are designed to fast

31:36 Refrigerator vs Freezer analogy

34:25 Hormones: Leptin and Ghrelin 

36:30 Balancing protein with ketosis

40:18 Pendulum probiotic for diabetes

41:59 Burning fat during deep sleep

45:53 Adjusting your food after a bad night’s sleep

48:10 Advice for women & fasting

51:25 The “5-1-1 Rule”

52:37 Lauren’s experience with her cycle & carb sensitivity

55:50 Starting your journey to become fat-adapted

57:09 Mitochondrial-density in the cells

1:00:10 His final piece of advice

1:03:26 Thank you for joining us!



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