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108: Why You Need to Be Sweating l Your Dose of Heat Exposure for Optimized Health and Longevity

Aug 23, 2021 | Season 3


You've learned about cold exposure, so let's bring on the heat! This week we're discussing the multitude of benefits that come with heat exposure and sweating. You will about the powerhouse of hormetic heat stress, called heat shock proteins, and the many ways that heat can optimize your health, metabolic function and longevity. We discuss the differences between traditional and infrared saunas, and ways to get exposure if you can't get to a sauna!


0:42 Welcome to the show!

3:00 Our natural healing capability

3:50 Why do we need heat exposure?

4:48 The Burger King sauna5

6:27 The benefit of “heat shock proteins”

9:15 HSP-70 for longevity

9:51 STUDY: reduction in all-cause mortality

10:36 How does it detoxify us?

12:33 Niacin/Sauna Protocol

14:32 Benefits on Athletic Performance

17:20 Cardiovascular health

19:48 STUDY: hs-CRP with consistent sauna use

23:13 *Three Spirit Ad*

22:15 The importance of consistency

24:05 Cognitive Function & Neurogenesis

26:28 Does is help with weight loss?

27:00 STUDY: calories burned in a session

28:05 Glucose & Insulin Regulation

30:02 Neurotransmitter rebalancing

32:27 Ways to get heat exposure

34:53 Near-infrared light in nature

38:57 What if you don’t have access to a sauna?

41:29 Key takeaways for heat exposure

45:20 Contraindications for heat

46:07 Thanks for tuning in!


Rhonda Patrick – Resources

HigherDOSE blanket

Shower filter

DIY Sauna at-home


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