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116: Root Cause(s) with Functional Lab Testing l Investigating Underlying Stressors and Supporting the Foundations of Health

Oct 18, 2021 | Season 3


We're talking all about root causes today! And yes, there are typically multiple root causes underlying any health condition. We breakdown the differences between functional and conventional medicine, why the “band-aid” approach doesn't work long-term, questions to ask your Doctor, and our top lab tests to uncover your hidden stressors.


0:52 Welcome to the show!

2:28 Why we’re talking about root causes

4:03 The iceberg analogy 

6:43 What is root cause?

7:48 The Leaky Gut example

9:26 Typical “band-aids” in conventional medicine

11:06 Renee’s story about drug side-effects

13:14 Looking for hidden stressors

14:40 Questions to ask before starting a medication

15:31 The difference between traditional & functional medicine

17:52 Test, don’t guess!

19:18 Basic blood work 

21:47 *Dry Farm Wines*

23:20 DUTCH Panel

26:08 Gut testing

29:48 Research on fecal transplants for obesity

31:50 Organic Acid Test

34:34 Micronutrient testing

37:06 Importance of minerals

39:15 Recap

41:02 Thanks for tuning in!



Iceberg Analogy

Dry Farm Wines  – first bottle for a penny!

Podcast w/ Todd White


Podcast w/ Dr. Carrie Jones

GI-Map Panel

Pendulum Probiotic for Glucose Control

Organic Acids (OAT) Test

Micronutrient Spectracell Labs

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