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118: Healing Adrenaline Dominance l A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness with Root Cause Medicine

Nov 1, 2021 | Season 3


A lot of people struggle with hormonal imbalance or adrenal fatigue… that's where Dr. Michael Platt comes in. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, the President of Platt Wellness Center, and one of the most well known specialists in natural hormone replacement – successfully treating thousands of patients all over the world!

Known internationally as an expert in bio-identical hormones, he is the author of “The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones”, “Adrenaline Dominance” and “The Platt Protocol for Hormone Balancing”.

Dr. Platt shares how excess adrenaline creates health problems, what signs and symptoms we should be looking for, and his easy tips to resolve chronic health issues.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

5:01 Dr. Michael Platt’s bio

5:22 Welcome him to the podcast!

6:08 What is adrenaline dominance?

8:40 Nutrition as the missing piece of the puzzle

10:29 Nutrition basics to optimize adrenaline health

11:40 Correlation between ADHD & Adrenaline

12:54 The #1 cause of common disorders/diseases

14:29 How do we know if we have Adrenaline Dominance?

15:05 Lab testing for AD

16:39 The #1 cause of weight gain

17:23 Why he doesn’t directly test Epinephrine

19:00 Can we use ketones to support the brain?

20:45 Addressing Hyperglycemia / Low Adrenaline

21:47 Responding to Environmental Toxins

22:24 *Kion Ad*

23:31 Causes of Fibromyalgia 

26:08 Treating Adrenaline Dominance

27:45 Why Progesterone is so important

31:42 Renee & Lauren’s experience with Progesterone

33:47 Should we follow the menstrual cycle?

34:44 Addressing thyroid function

37:07 Should we look at other foundational issues first?

39:15 The top 3 things we should focus on for health

40:57 Urinary Incontinence

43:56 Neck tension, tinnitus & headaches

45:30 His opinion on fasting

46:00 Creativity & Weight gain

49:40 His opinion on breath work

52:10 Using progesterone for dogs

53:03 His final piece of advice

53:41 Where you can find him

54:05 Thanks for tuning in!

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