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12: To Fuel or Not Fuel Your Workout

Aug 19, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


Discovering which foods to eat and when to eat them to best support your fitness goals or your reasons for working out, and that is different for everyone! If you feel totally confused about what to eat and when to eat surrounding your workouts, you are not alone! Pre & Post-workout nutrition is highly personal. Here's what you need to know to determine your personal code!

1:21 Welcome to episode 12!
2:43 Intro to Pre- and Post-Workout nutrition
4:48 Personalized nutrition & goals
6:00 The importance of intuitive eating
6:38 Biohack your diet
8:27 Why it makes you hotter
9:31 Debate & Myths
12:52 What happens in your body during exercise
14:07 ‘3’ Energy systems
16:44 Muscle tissue breakdown 
18:27 Increased heart rate & sweating
18:55 Your body’s preferred energy source
19:10 Considering your goals for personalized nutrition 
22:39 Quick summary
23:44 Nutritional supplements
24:44 Foods to avoid pre-workout
26:32 Foods to include pre-workout
29:49 Foods to avoid post-workout
31:47 Foods to include post-workout
33:25 Who is this for?
33:58 Renee’s personalized plan
35:54 Lauren’s experience
39:37 Renee’s favorite hacks
40:36 Lauren’s favorite hacks
42:30 Wrapping it up!
43:20 Q&A
47:37 Thanks for tuning in!

Book: Primal Endurance – Mark Sisson
Charles Poliquin
Ben Greenfield Fitness
PreTrain NRG (use code FIRST20NOW for 20% off)
Podcast: Christ Masterjohn – Antioxidants
Kion Aminos
LMNT Electrolytes
Liquid Light Minerals

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