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121: Protecting Your Body with Lambs Wear I Powerful EMF-Protection Technology for Longevity, Fertility and Nervous System Health

Nov 22, 2021 | Season 3


Arthur Menard de Calenge is the founder & CEO of Lambs, the health-enhancing tech apparel. For over 15 years, Arthur has been obsessed by optimizing his health and wellness. While monitoring what he was putting inside his body, Arthur realized that what he was exposing his body to also had a big impact. Lambs was born to solve this and to inspire people like you to live healthier lives.

Arthur holds Masters degrees in engineering and biology, is a Forbes 30 under 30 and has been featured in publications such has Men's Health, GQ, The NewYorker, Inc and more.

In this episode, we kick off with what EMFs are and how they are impacting our health both short-term and long-term. Arthur also shares the science of oxidative stress and how this is aging us faster and causing an increase in infertility rates. Lambs clothing is so powerful in protecting our bodies from these external stressors and it's one of the easiest biohacks we can all incorporate right away.


:52 Welcome to the show!

1:33 Our go-to EMF-Protection brand

5:18 Arthur Menard’s Bio

6:02 How to get a discount

6:30 Welcome Arthur to the show

7:32 What are EMFs?

9:55 The EMF mechanism of harm

12:23 Free Radicals & Oxidative Stress

14:45 How bad is our exposure really?

16:13 The long-term impact on our organs

17:41 General rule of thumb for safety

18:55 The key difference between men & women

19:38 LAMBS babies!

22:38 How men can protect themselves

24:10 How the technology works

26:25 Video of EMF Meter & Men’s Underwear

27:05 Is more protection better?

27:50 The benefits on the nervous system

32:18 How does Lambs affect other frequencies?

33:28 *Dry Farm Wines Ad*

35:25 Biomarkers for test for oxidative-stress damage

39:00 Short-term benefits / reduction of symptoms

43:11 What will it take to bring this into the mainstream?

46:33 Guardian Article: Inconvenient Truth

49:18 The origin of the name Lambs

50:57 Additional products

54:37 How to find Lambs

55:03 His final piece of advice

58:24 Thanks for tuning in!




Guardian Article: Inconvenient Truth

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