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122: Healing Modern Disease with Colostrum l The Key to Protecting Your Gut and Mucosal Barriers

Nov 29, 2021 | Season 3


Dr. Sarah Rahal is a double board-certified pediatric neurologist, board certified headache specialist, also trained in functional medicine and environmental health. She trained at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York and previously was Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in NY where she ran the pediatric headache program, and also sat on the board of the National Headache Foundation.

Currently, she is the founder and CEO of ARMRA – a consumer health company that harnesses the power of bioactives from the natural superfood colostrum to develop solutions that address the modern root causes that threaten health.

Dr. Rahal shares the fascinating link between our mucosal barriers and all modern chronic disease, and why this may be the key to keeping our gut and immune systems healthy. Colostrum, aka “Liquid Gold”, has incredible healing properties for not only newborns, but adults as well. She provides recommendations on consuming and supplementing this key nutrient to help us through our current health epidemic.


:51 Welcome to the show!

3:08 The root cause of gut dysfunction

3:36 Dr. Sarah Rahal’s bio

4:28 Welcome her to the show

5:01 What is the root of our health epidemic?

8:06 Her research on Colostrum

11:45 The mucosal barrier explained

14:22 Research on links between mucosal barrier and all modern chronic disease

16:05 Symptoms related to barrier dysfunction 

17:33 Damage to specific parts of the body

20:40 Ecosystem of immune cells

22:32 Colostrums effect on LPS

24:00 Newborns and colostrum in breast milk

24:37 Specific benefits of colostrum

27:19 *LightPath LED Ad*

30:32 Prebiotics & SIBO

31:39 The issue with probiotics

33:10 Supplementation with high SigA levels

36:08 Is dairy really bad for us?

40:44 Lauren’s raw milk experience

42:39 How long does it take to see changes?

45:10 Colostrum for muscle building & fat burning

46:20 Did our ancestors consume it?

47:01 All about ARMRA

49:50 When to take colostrum

51:52 Her final piece of advice

52:35 Thanks for tuning in!


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