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132: Mushrooms for the Modern World

Feb 14, 2022 | Season 3


Peter Reitano is an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of Gwella, a brand house and life sciences company on a mission to make psychedelics more accessible and help people use them safely and effectively. He's an active participant and early mover in emerging and highly regulated industries, including both cannabis and psychedelics. Stemming from his early personal experiences with entheogens, he's become a passionate advocate for cognitive liberty and the right of every human to experiment with their own consciousness. They recently launched Mojo in the USA; an innovative patent-pending product that mimics the benefits of microdosing, in a completely legal platform. Peter is also a regular speaker at conferences and industry panels around the world. He has been invited to speak at Google, Facebook, DX3, Porsche, Rogers, University of Toronto, Johnson and Johnson, Haste and Hustle, General Assembly, and InfluenceThis, just to name a few.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Peter about the rapidly-growing trend towards using functional mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms to not only support chronic health conditions, but to simply make us better humans that can thrive in today's world. He is a true biohacker with years of experimenting with different plant medicines and has learned incredible lessons that he is passing on to our audience in this episode.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:27 Psychedelic medicines & healing

3:59 Gwella & Mojo

4:18 Peter Reitano’s Bio

5:26 Welcome, Peter!

6:32 How he became passionate about mushrooms

9:23 What he would tell his younger self

11:42 The mission behind Gwella & Mojo

14:48 Significance of ‘Plus 6’

16:10 Renee’s goals for ketamine-assisted therapy

17:22 Gatekeeping vs Decentralization

19:59 Providing access to everyone

21:24 How Mojo was formulated

25:33 Best practices for using Mojo

27:28 Personalizing your dose

30:06 *Coast Ad

31:36 Is consistency important?

33:25 How Mojo mimics a microdose

35:11 Peter’s plant medicine experiences

37:00 Aubrey Marcus’ dark retreat

38:57 The snow track analogy

43:54 Importance of preparation & integration

46:59 Lessons he has learned from different experiences

50:17 Reframing the narrative & the history of psychedelics

50:46 Professor David Nutt – drug safety profile

55:37 Renee’s experience with church & finding her purpose

57:36 His final piece of advice

59:35 Where to find Peter

1:00:11 Thanks for tuning in!


RESOURCES: – Discount code: welcome20

David Nutt's Dangerous Drug List

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Twitter: Gwella Mushrooms

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