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137: Reconnecting to Your Intuition: A Biohacker’s Approach

Mar 21, 2022 | Season 3


We love using technology and collecting data on our health status but reconnecting to your intuition should be part of your health journey as well. In this episode, we share what intuition really is and walk you through a 3-step process to reconnect with it. By following practical tips such as creating your ideal morning routine and tapping into your subconscious mind, you will learn how to tune in to what your body really needs in every moment.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:49 Why data doesn’t tell us everything

3:16 Our 3-Step Process 

4:15 What is Intuition?

6:59 Masculine vs Feminine Energy

10:15 How do we start to reconnect?

11:09 The science behind a morning routine

13:10 Importance of an embodied practice

14:14 Brain wave states in the morning

15:09 Brain vulnerability at nighttime

18:15 The #1 Factor for Wellness

19:38 Personalize with Sleep Chronotypes 

20:20 Considerations for melatonin

21:38 Parents! How can you wind down?

22:48 Nourishing your Creativity

27:29 *LightPath LED Ad*

30:30 Assimilating Data Quantification 

31:36 OURA & Biostrap metrics

36:52 CGM & Sleep Data

38:04 Cycle Syncing & Releasing Shame

41:06 Exercise Tech

42:54 Data Fast experiment

43:43 Personalizing nutrition with labs

46:16 An intuitive experiment challenge!

47:28 The reassess phase

48:41 Ancestral & seasonal eating

50:10 Renee’s final piece of advice

51:25 Research on intuition

53:34 Thanks for tuning in!


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