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139: HRV Biofeedback & Stress Resiliency with Hanu Health

Apr 4, 2022 | Season 3


Dr. Jay Wiles is back on the podcast this week! We had an incredible conversation with him all about heart rate variability in 2021 and wanted to take a deeper dive into the nuances of HRV and to learn more about Hanu Health. In this episode, he provides insight into what a “low” HRV really means, the role of genetics, and how combining breathwork with biofeedback is game changer for supporting our nervous systems. He also shares why the Hanu Health device (coming soon!) will be revolutionary in the biohacking and stress resiliency field.

Dr. Jay Wiles is an international speaker, scientist, clinician, influencer, and subject-matter expert and authority on the interconnection between the human stress response and health performance/optimization. Dr. Wiles is a clinical health and performance psychologist with board certification in heart rate variability biofeedback and peripheral biofeedback and works as a leading consultant in psychophysiology to health influencers, professional athletes and teams, executives, and high performers. He is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Hanu Health. He has pioneered new and innovative means of using heart rate variability (HRV) and respiratory training as both diagnostic indicators of the dynamic nature of the human stress response, alongside therapeutic tools for regulating and conditioning this response for peak human performance. Dr. Wiles has an extensive history of working with top-performing athletes in the PGA, LPGA, MLS, MLB, ATP, and WTA. His consulting firm, Thrive Wellness and Performance, has held contracts with leading biotechnology and health technology organizations where he has engaged in research, development of therapeutics, and development of behavioral retention programs. Dr. Wiles has operated as the cohost of the Ben Greenfield Podcast since 2019 and hosts the Hanu Health Podcast.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:47 Dr. Jay Wiles’ Bio

5:13 Welcome back Dr. Jay!

6:18 What does a “low” HRV really mean?

9:30 How to compare your own HRV

10:39 HRV fluctuations

13:46 The role of genetics on HRV

15:23 Taller people & higher HRV

17:13 Perception of stress 

21:00 Self-awareness & checking in with ourselves

23:21 Combining biofeedback & breath work

24:54 Why daytime tracking is beneficial

27:58 Why he wants you to be your own coach

30:50 Quantifying stressful life events with Hanu

32:22 *Self Decode

34:03 What else drops HRV?

37:49 Eating, caffeine & nicotine effects

42:48 Comparing to Levels CGM, Oura Ring & Biostrap

44:32 Hanu Health breath work & score improvement

45:27 Eustress vs Distress & the use of AI

49:55 Closed-loop conditioning & practical solutions

51:57 The RMSSD measurement

53:35 Training will always be beneficial

58:20 Hanu training options

1:03:47 Daylight Saving Time

1:09:50 His final piece of advice

1:11:54 How to pre-order the Hanu Health device

1:15:09 Thanks for tuning in!



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