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14: A Healthy Alcohol?

Sep 9, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


Whether or not alcohol can be a part of a healthy diet is a constant debate. One day on the news you hear, “Drink wine to live longer” and the next it’s “Avoid alcohol because it causes cancer!” There are many factors to take into consideration when assessing whether you should drink, how much, how often and what type of alcohol.

1:14 Welcome!
1:35 Can alcohol be a part of a healthy diet?
3:25  The influence of the alcohol industry
4:42 Why it makes you hotter… or less hot
5:40 The hidden ingredients in your drink
7:11 How it affects your skin
8:28 Celebrities & the sober movement
10:32 Non-alcoholic bar trend
11:38 Debate/Controvery
14:12 Alcohol intake in the Blue Zones
16:12 Negative effects of alcohol
18:17 Questions to ask yourself
20:30 What type of alcohol is the best?
22:55 Cocktail mixers
24:18 How alcohol is broken down in the body
25:29 Genetic mutation for detoxification
27:10 How to hack a hangover
29:07 Renee’s vegetable story
33:37 Renee’s personal experience
35:48 Lauren’s personal journey
40:15 A few more biohacks
42:06 Q&A
45:25 Thanks for tuning in!

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