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145: Q&A: Vacation Diets, Carb Tolerance, and Metabolic Flexibility l Plus Exciting New At-Home Lab Tests, What We’re Currently Reading, and a Deep Dive Into Our Personal Stories

May 16, 2022 | Season 3


Join us for a fun conversation about the latest in our world of health optimization & biohacking. Lauren shares the latest trends she has witnessed with clients wearing Continuous Glucose Monitors & how you can reset your carbohydrate tolerance. We discuss the latest in biohacking gadgets that include the Lumen metabolic tracker, Vivoo at-home urine analysis, Viome gut test, and Earth & Moon's grounding mat. We also share what we're currently reading/studying, as well as answer your questions on topics such as Heart Rate Variability, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & steal infections, and how we both became passionate about holistic health.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:46 CGM trends Lauren has witnessed

11:55 Resetting carb tolerance

16:15 Client Win! Going gluten-free

18:01 Lumen metabolic tracker

20:20 Vivoo urine analysis

21:23 Viome gut test

24:50 Earth & Moon grounding mat

26:47 What we’re currently reading & studying

33:19 *BiOptimizers Ad*

35:38 Q: How can I improve my HRV?

40:45 Q: Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & infections

44:28 Q: How we discovered our passion for health & wellness?

56:33 Q: Our biggest physical or mental challenges

1:05:18 Thanks for tuning in!




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