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164: SuperGut Your Microbiome for Optimal Metabolic Health l The Benefits of Butyrate, Resistant Starch, Fasting for a Healthy Biome

Sep 26, 2022 | Season 3


Dr. Chris Damman shares valuable insight into the link between gut health and metabolic health on this week's episode. He breaks down the important role of prebiotics, probiotics AND postbiotics, as well as the benefits of resistant starch in our diet. He understands how difficult it can be for most people to get enough fiber in their diet, but he has created a solution to help us with that! Tune in to hear about incredible scientific research on fiber, gut health, insulin resistance and more.

Dr. Chris Damman is a Gastroenterologist and Chief Medical & Scientific Officer of SuperGut. He has a passion for evidence-based approaches to food & gut microbe interventions in the promotion of health and the treatment of disease. He spent five years leading the gut health, microbiome and functional food initiative at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where his research interests focused on the role of diet and microbiome-targeted therapies in treating gastrointestinal, metabolic, and neurologic disease. Most recently, Dr. Chris helped execute a randomized, blind placebo controlled study validating the use of resistant starch to transform the gut microbiome – the first of its kind from a functional food company.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

5:50 Dr. Chris Damman’s Bio

6:50 Welcome Dr. Damman

8:18 The link between metabolic health & the gut microbiome

13:50 Can most people make butyrate in the gut?

16:03 Are supplements more powerful than food?

17:48 Pre, Pro, and Post-Biotics

21:01 The role of fiber & resistant starch

22:40 *Felix Gray Glasses

27:30 How much fiber do we need?

33:03 The science behind SuperGut

36:26 Lauren’s client experience

38:50 Is it safe to use with SIBO?

40:38 Is it safe for children?

41:38 *Magnesium Breakthrough

44:26 What does Dr. Damman eat?

47:00 How about oats & oatmeal?

52:06 His opinion on fasting

54:51 Ancestral practices & fermentation

56:35 Is it possible to have metabolic health without a healthy microbiome?

1:00:49 His final piece of advice

1:04:26 Where to find Dr. Chris & Supergut

1:05:10 Thanks for tuning in!



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