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168: Biohacking Longevity with Senolytics & The Science Behind Senescent Cells

Oct 24, 2022 | Season 3


Lauren Alexander from Neurohacker Collective joined our podcast to discuss the science behind senolytics and how senescent cells play a role in aging. She shares how these “zombie cells” impact our immune system, joint health, cancer and longevity. We also discuss the best way to supplement with senolytics and why the “hit and run” strategy is so effective.

Lauren Alexander is VP of Marketing at Neurohacker Collective, a company focused on making wellness products best known for their Qualia Mind supplement. Lauren is the mother of two young children, a passionate gardener and biohacker. Her areas of expertise include nootropics, biohacking, anti-aging, sleep and neurohacking.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:15 Lauren Alexander’s Bio

4:05 Welcome Lauren to the podcast

5:05 What is ‘cellular senescence’?

8:52 Zombie cells

10:41 Who is at risk of cellular aging?

13:14 *Felix Gray Ad*

16:57 Signs of a robust immune system

18:10 STUDY: Qualia & Joint Pain

19:23 Re-examining how we look at aging

19:58 Senescent cells & Cancer

21:09 Symptoms & signs to look out for

22:55 Ingredients & Protocol in Qualia Senolytic

28:40 Bioavailability and safety of supplements

32:11 *SilverBiotics Ad*

35:20 Should children use Senolytic?

37:41 The hormetic effect of “hit and run”

38:44 Biological Age Testing

43:24 Should anyone not be taking it?

43:59 Dosage & Frequency of supplementation

44:36 Origin of the word ‘senolytic’

45:30 Client benefits

48:52 What about Fisetin?

51:03 Her final piece of advice

54:45 Renee’s #1 Sleep Hack

56:02 Lauren’s #1 Sleep Hack

57:28 Where to learn more about Neurohacker

57:50 Thanks for tuning in!


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