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172: The Truth About Vitamin E l The Power of Tocotrienols for Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health with Dr. Barrie Tan

Nov 21, 2022 | Season 3


On this week's episode we are joined by Dr. Barrie Tan, the world's foremost expert on vitamin E. He breaks down the major difference between tocopherols and tocotrienols, why your vitamin E supplement may actually be causing harm, and how his amazing discovery of the annatto plant can be used to treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and other chronic health conditions.

Dr. Barrie Tan is hailed as a trailblazer and the world’s foremost expert on vitamin E. A scientist first and foremost, Dr. Tan earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry/Biochemistry from the University of Otago, New Zealand and spent several years as a professor at UMass. His research expertise includes lipid-soluble nutrients (carotenoids, E vitamers, CoQ10, and omega-3s) that impact chronic conditions. He was the first to introduce tocotrienols benefits to the nutrition industry and developed the first-ever tocopherol-free tocotrienol product derived from annatto. Dr. Tan continues to collaborate with numerous universities worldwide to further tocotrienol research. Beyond tocotrienol, Dr. Tan’s research now spans into geranylgeraniol, a critical endogenous nutrient for healthy aging. 

Dr. Tan is currently the President of American River Nutrition, a natural health R&D company he started with his wife, Elizabeth, in 1998. Described as a scientific pioneer, his mission is simple, improve the everyday health of people’s lives.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

4:04 Dr. Barrie Tan’s bio

5:18 Welcome him to the podcast

6:40 Why don’t we know about Tocotrienols

8:22 The difference between Tocotrienols & Tocopherols

9:55 Where are Tocotrienols found?

12:09 How he found it and what it is

15:30 The universe wanted him to study this!

18:16 Cooking with Annatto & cheese extraction

20:29 *Magnesium Breakthrough Ad*

22:49 What did nature intend for this compound?

25:36 Comparing to other fruits

27:08 Benefits to Cardiovascular & Metabolic health

31:56 *Do Not Age ad*

34:08 Triglycerides, Glucose & Tocotrienols

36:03 Fatty Liver Disease, Inflammation & Weight Loss

40:06 Are Tocotrienols a weight-loss product?

42:07 Effects of Fats, Carbs & Alcohol on the liver

43:45 Pancreatitis & NAFLD

44:58 *Silverbiotics ad*

48:08 The anti-inflammatory & antioxidant effect

51:30 Body shapes: apple vs pear

55:27 Dosing & timing for supplementation

1:01:25 Cancer research & tocotrienols

1:04:08 Geranylgeraniol (GG) & CoQ10

1:07:15 Should we get rid of Tocopherol supplements?

1:08:07 Considerations for Pregnant women

1:10:23 His final piece of advice

1:10:58 Thanks for tuning in!


Website: Dr. Barrie Tan

Instagram: doctorbarrietan

Facebook: doctorbarrietan

LinkedIn: doctorbarrietan

Book: The Truth About Vitamin E

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