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175: Biohacker Roundtable: Holiday Health Tips, What to Bring to a Party, Feast/Famine Cycling, and Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

Dec 12, 2022 | Season 3


We're closing out 2022 with a super fun roundtable discussion with fellow biohackers, Dr. Jay Wiles & Mollie Eastman, all about our top holiday health tips! We know how hard it can be to stick to your healthy routine through the holidays so we're here to share our top biohacking tips. We discuss the feast and famine plan, how a CGM can be your personal guide, what we bring to holiday parties, how Daylight Saving Time is impacting our health, the best alcohol alternatives on the market, and our personal advice for the holiday season.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:31 Dr. Jay’s 2 fave holiday hacks

4:25 Mollie: feast/famine mindset

6:55 Lauren: feasting & glucose

9:25 Renee: being acceptable with a CGM

10:09 The trap people fall into

12:49 Not going for gold this holiday

14:01 The season of darkness & Standard Time

16:18 *Silverbiotics Ad*

19:17 What would full Daylight Saving mean for us?

22:55 Concerns over permanent Daylight Time

26:25 Benefits of permanent Standard Time

27:41 Renee’s 2 fave holiday hacks

30:33 What to bring to a holiday party!

30:47 *Felix Gray ad*

33:16 Mollie: hard ketones

36:47 Alcohol alternatives & caffeine

37:41 Dr. Jay’s ‘state-change’ preference

40:39 Renee’s nicotine routine

42:20 *Bioptimizers Ad*

44:13 Addressing nicotine misconceptions

45:47 Dr. Jay: party supplements

47:36 Dry Farm Wines

53:37 Renee’s bacon brussels sprouts dish

54:19 Charcoal party hack!

54:24 Sober-Curiosity & Non-Alcoholic options

57:20 Lauren’s final piece of advice

58:09 Mollie’s final piece of advice

58:56 Dr. Jay’s final piece of advice

1:00:24 The importance of connectivity

1:02:25 Renee’s final piece of advice

1:03:25 Thanks for tuning in!


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