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177: Addressing Hunger, Cravings & Satiety with Temper Mints & Fasting Coaching

Jan 9, 2023 | Season 3


To kick off the new year, we wanted to dive into the science behind building new healthy habits and creating long-term goals. Our guest, Dr. T. Dalton Comb, is passionate about understanding the causes and consequences of human behavior. He shares valuable insights based on his research including the role of dopamine, the difference between hunger and cravings, and his approach to fasting.

CEO and Founder of Temper; Dr. T. Dalton Comb’s passion is understanding the causes and consequences of human behavior. First as a neuroeconomics PhD researcher at University of Southern California, and author of “Digital Behavioral Design.” Second, as a tech startup founder applying cutting edge neuroscience. Dalton explores how the brain mechanisms that underlie value, reward, and motivated behavior can be used to help people form healthy habits and live better lives. Dalton leads Temper with an unrivaled understanding of the brain, the future of technology, and the interaction between the two.


0:50 Welcome to the show!

4:00 Dr. Dalton Combs Bio

4:52 Welcome Dr. Combs

5:48 Why do people struggle to create new habits?

10:17 The role of dopamine

11:35 Renee’s experience with flossing

12:30 Find something you intrinsically enjoy

14:47 What about fear-driven activity?

16:45 The habit loop

22:30 Science behind willpower or “decision juice”

24:10 Focusing on morning or evening habits

25:39 Temper program with fasting & the mints


27:56 Cont’d: Temper mints & fasting

32:40 Assessing hunger, cravings, satiety & fullness

36:48 How the mints work 

38:47 The endocannabinoid system

41:40 Learning the difference between hunger & cravings

42:28 More on the coaching program

45:20 Renee’s experience with chocolate cravings

48:10 Scoring hunger, cravings, satiety & fullness

48:45 New year sale!

50:15 His final piece of advice

51:07 Where to find out more

51:25 Thanks for tuning in!



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