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188: Becoming Psychedelic-Informed, Optimizing Integration & Addressing the Spectrum of Trauma with Tah & Kole Whitty

Mar 27, 2023 | Season 3


We are so excited to share this powerful conversation with our friends and special guests, Tah and Kole Whitty. They host the Psychedelic Coach podcast and are co-creators of The Condor Approach, which is a psychedelic-informed certification for therapists, physicians, life coaches, and health experts. In this episode you'll hear their journeys that got them into the psychedelic space, how you can personally explore psychedelics, the importance of how we integrate, tuning into your intuition, and more!

Tah and Kole Whitty are leading experts in the field of integration and psychedelics, known for their work in guiding individuals toward lasting transformation. Tah has over 30 years of nursing experience, particularly in emergency rooms all over New York City. Kole is a former Miss Utah Teen USA, international substance abuse educator turned psychedelic enthusiast. Together, they co-host The Psychedelic Coach Podcast and have co-created The Condor Coach Certification, a psychedelic-informed training that provides practitioners with a unique perspective on the integration process. The Whittys helped thousands improve their health in the fitness space before shifting full-time into transformational work. They have led hundreds of events worldwide and are now certifying coaches of all kinds to be psychedelic-informed to meet the growing demand need for support. 

With tens of thousands flocking to places like Costa Rica and Peru, many are returning home with little to know idea what to do next. Between their personal journeys, expertise, and mission to certify 10,000 coaches by 2027, they predetermined to set a new standard for coaching.

This Austin power couple has been seen in documentaries like Psychedelics Revealed, a Hays Film, and featured at events like Paleo fx and Aubrey Marcus' Fit For Service, and countless top podcasts like Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial, The Mike Dillard Podcast, The Plant Medicine Podcast, Lifestylist Podcast – Luke Storey and countless others.

Integration is not optional, but how you integrate is.


0:55 Welcome to the show!

3:06 Pop Quiz Question of the Day

6:16 Today’s topic and guests

7:00 Renee’s retreat in Costa Rica

11:16 Tah & Kole’s bio

12:50 Welcome them to the podcast!

13:48 Kole’s story

17:54 Tah’s story

23:36 His first experience with Ceremony

25:01 Tah’s run with insomnia

26:44 The beginning of their facilitation journey

27:29 Working with Biohackers & Functional Med Practitioners

30:37 ACE Scores vs Symptomology

31:39 Threats to our “mental constructs”

32:49 The spectrum of trauma & diminishing emotions

35:54 Visualizing contraction/dissociation vs openness

37:10 *Nootopia*

39:14 The internalization of shame & guilt

42:54 Psychedelics as an opportunity for curiosity

44:34 How does someone get started?

49:44 What you need to know about Psilocybin strains

50:21 Importance of being “psychedelic-informed”

5220 The Expansion Equation

54:12 Exposing yourself to other narratives & Indigenous practices

57:56 *Silverbiotics*

59:36 Why you need to get over yourself

1:02:03 Listening to your body’s cues

1:05:59 Why Lauren biohacks

1:05:45 ‘Integration Is Not Optional’

1:09:22 Renee’s experience with intuition on retreat

1:10:23 When your body says NO

1:14:59 Bypassing micro-traumas

1:18:22 Listening to our bugs & biome

1:21:54 Educating psychedelic-informed coaches

1:23:09 Where to learn more

1:27:26 Their final piece of advice

1:31:56 Thanks for tuning in with us!


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