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190: Q&A: NAD Patches, Oxytocin, Calibrating Your CGM, Pulsed Red Light Therapy, Regenerative Meat, Poor Motility, and Supporting the Gut on Antidepressants

Apr 10, 2023 | Season 3


Welcome back for a Q&A episode with the Biohacker Babes! In this episode, we share all of the biohacks we've been experimenting with lately (including NAD patches & high-dose melatonin), what we've learned about wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) at higher altitudes, paraxanthine as the new energy molecule on the block, gut motility support, and more.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:43 Pop Quiz Question of the show

4:34 Biohack we’re trying

4:56 NAD Patches

6:15 Renee’s experience

7:05 Lauren’s experience

12:20 Mitozen: Sandman Melatonin

14:22 What we need to know about melatonin

16:56 Mitozen Nasal Spray: Oxytocin & Amazonion Hape

19:33 Vagal nerve stimulation & HRV

19:55 CGMs at altitude

24:08 Calibrating your Dexcom CGM

26:33 Freestyle Libre vs Dexcom

27:05 What are Continuous Glucose Monitors?

28:01 *Silverbiotics*

31:11 Castor Oil Packs

32:18 LightPathLED Red Light Device

33:02 Benefits of Pulsed vs Continuous Waves

35:05 Parker Pastures Regenerative Beef

37:16 *Sleep breakthrough*

38:59 Paraxanthine

42:25 Half life of caffeine & deep sleep

44:21 Book: Your DNA, Your Life

45:20 Organic Acid Testing

47:43 Terrain vs Germ Theory

52:35 Renee’s client story

55:43 Lauren’s client story about EWG

1:00:19 Q&A: Why would motility slow down when cleaning up your diet?

1:06:00 Q&A: How can we support the gut when on antidepressants

1:10:57 Thanks for tuning in!


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