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198: Avoiding Surgery and Managing Pain with Stem Cells & Regenerative Therapies l Recellebrate Your Body with Dr. Jeffrey Gross

Jun 5, 2023 | Season 3


Join us for this powerful discussion with Dr. Jeffrey Gross, a neurosurgeon and regenerative medicine expert. He is on a mission to get the message out in regards to the blossoming field of anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and spinal disc regeneration. Dr. Gross has been featured in the scientific community and is currently working on an anti-aging book called “Young Again.” He shares the biggest drivers for chronic pain, the role of inflammaging, top lifestyle recommendations, the use of stem cells & exosomes, and more on precision medicine care.

A board-certified and fellowship-trained neurosurgeon, Dr. Gross is the Owner of SPINE, and a regenerative medicine practice called ReCELLebrate, is seeing patients in Orange County, California, and in Henderson, Nevada, as well as remotely by computer video conference. In his practice, he offers specialized precision and concierge treatment options for patients with neck and/or back problems, as well as brain and head injuries. He provides a comprehensive approach to evaluating the pain generators of the spine and associated areas, and digs deeper to find the source of the problem when identifying the root issues of persistent pain and injuries. 


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:20 Pop Quiz of the Day

3:35 Addressing dopamine addictions

4:38 Today’s topic: Regenerative Medicine

6:36 Dr. Jeffrey Gross’ bio

8:43 Welcome him to the show!

9:45 How often are we performing unnecessary surgeries?

11:12 Renee’s spine injury

13:00 What is causing chronic pain?

14:55 Is inflamm-aging the biggest cause?

16:12 What have we gotten wrong about movement?

17:32 Healthspan Summit

18:15 Alzheimer’s prevention

19:40 Our Great Aunt Kay

20:12 Number two pillar: nutrition

21:20 Supplements to support inflammation

22:48 What happens to our stem cells as we age?

25:10 Different levels of Regenerative Medicine

26:08 The Vampire Facial

26:23 Injecting Stem Cells

29:47 *LightPath LED*

33:02 All about Exosomes

38:15 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

40:04 How are the Exosomes delivered?

41:45 Treating spine degeneration

45:10 Our Dad’s knee surgery

46:32 Addressing nerve involvement & PAIN

50:13 Building good abdominal strength

57:16 Additional biohacks to support recovery 

1:01:10 Exosome injections & supplements

1:05:07 His final piece of advice

1:06:00 Where to find Dr. Gross

1:07:42 Thanks for tuning in!


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