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199: The Benefits of Glucose Monitoring for Short and Long-Term Metabolic Health l Catherine Staffieri of Nutrisense

Jun 12, 2023 | Season 3


Today we are talking about one of our favorite topics… glucose monitoring for health optimization! Our guest, Catherine Staffieri, is extremely knowledgeable with the use of CGMs to improve overall health, and more specifically how women can use it to optimize hormones. Tune in to learn what's causing your afternoon energy slump, how poor sleep affects glucose, tips for getting off the glucose rollercoaster, cycle syncing your macros throughout the month, and more!

Catherine is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist currently working as a Nutrition Manager at Nutrisense, one of the fastest growing health-tech start-ups aimed to help anyone discover and reach their health potential. Catherine has counseled thousands of clients on their glucose scores reviewing over 750,000 hours of glucose data and recorded meals in the process while recommending nutritional adjustments to improve metabolic health. 

She holds a Masters in Nutrition Education from Columbia University and completed her undergrad work at the University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys cooking, spending time with her 3 kids, traveling, and being active. Catherine’s philosophy is that you’re never too old to make changes in your life to better your mind, your body and your well being.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:28 Pop Quiz of the Day

5:45 Today’s topic: Continuous Glucose Monitors

7:44 Nutrisense offer

8:01 Catherine Staffieri’s bio

8:45 Welcome her to the show

9:43 Why are CGMs beneficial?

10:55 Short-term benefits

13:49 Lab draws vs real-time feedback

15:28 The afternoon slump: energy and glucose

17:59 How poor sleep affect’s glucose

19:15 Reactive Hypoglycemia

21:35 How do we get off the glucose rollercoaster?

22:15 Renee’s story about walking post-meal

24:01 Glucose practices around the world

24:46 Caffeine and glucose

27:20 The Nof1 Experiment

27:50 *Sleep Breakthrough*

29:51 Nighttime glucose dips

33:53 How to dose carbohydrates

36:44 Spikes from “healthy” foods

41:25 Inflammation, Autoimmune & Gut Health

42:44 *LightPath LED*

46:00 Women’s hormones & glucose

48:29 Troubleshooting irregular cycles

51:48 Should we change macros throughout the month?

53:10 How can men integrate diet variability?

55:20 Men, testosterone & fasting

56:55 Endurance training & glucose

1:01:41 Peri & Post-Menopause glucose control

1:05:33 Her final piece of advice

1:06:32 Where to find her

1:07:28 Thanks for tuning in!


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Catherine's Instagram: @cstaffieri_rd

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