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200: Q&A: Is Biohacking a Trend? Echo Chambers, Our Favorite Wearables, Plant Teachers, Current Nof1 Experiments, and Special Guests Reveal Their Favorite Biohacks and Wellness Discoveries

Jun 19, 2023 | Season 3


Welcome to episode 200! We had a blast sitting down and talking about our past & current favorite biohacks, our greatest personal lessons in the health space over the years, our #1 wearable device, biohacks that we wish would go away, what we're currently experimenting with, and what we think (and hope) to see in the future. We also had the opportunity to sit down with family & friends to ask what their favorite biohack is and their favorite health advice. Tune in for our final episode of season 8! And don't worry, we'll be back with season 9 very soon.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:56 Revisiting our first episode ever

3:31 Is Biohacking a trend?

6:25 Today’s podcast flow

7:55 Plant teachers & more “being”

12:42 Eating disorders, control & addictions

14:15 Prescriptive health coaching & personal training

18:02 Digestive enzymes for all?

20:22 Past vs Current favorite biohacks

21:21 Supporting digestion & fat metabolism

22:54 Cold Exposure and it’s benefits

22:57 Our #1 Data Wearable choice

27:18 OURA Ring during illness

29:57 Mouth Taping

31:46 Mouth vs Nasal Breathing

35:29 Echo chambers in health & wellness

37:38 The Biohacking Graveyard

40:58 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

42:48 Part 2: Guest Interviews

43:05 Jeremy Woodard

47:08 Mollie Eastman

50:15 Freddie Kimmel

52:58 Ryan Belz

55:30 Amber Cesare

57:13 Cindy Sambataro

57:45 Dr. Gene Sambataro

59:32 Our Great Aunt Kay

1:00:12 Ann Gardiner

1:03:06 Part 3: Biohacking Forecast

1:03:37 Full-spectrum CBD

1:05:30 NAD Patches & IM Injections

1:08:22 Sleep experiments & CGMs

1:09:55 Strains for Microdosing 

1:11:55 What we wish / hope to see soon

1:12:29 Continuous Insulin Monitors

1:14:40 Season 9 Coming Soon

1:15:10 Join the Quantified Collective


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