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202: Adalina East: Transformational Healing for Trauma, Inflammation, Hormonal Imbalances and More l The Benefits of Polyvagal Toning, EMDR Therapy, and Getting to the Root Cause of Trauma

Jul 10, 2023 | Season 3


We are joined by Adalina East, the founder of the Transformational Healing Program, as well as mental health and leadership expert. We discuss polyvagal theory & toning, how she uses EMDR therapy with clients, how we can address different traumas, learning to protect ourselves from surrounding negative energy, the link between emotions and the physical body, and more!

Adalina East, M.S., is an international lecturer, mental health and leadership expert and multi-dimensional mentor, working with a global clientele to recover from trauma and bring forth innovative methods of healing. Founder of Transformational Healing™, Adalina draws upon her neuroscience and counseling backgrounds, as well as her spiritual gifts to lead others through a neuroscience-backed process to retrain their brains, creating profound change. Adalina’s decade long career with the United Nations and other humanitarian aid organizations brought her to serve thousands of people in eight countries to overcome trauma and lead others to do the same.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

1:15 Pop Quiz of the Day

4:10 About Adalina East

5:00 Welcome her to the podcast!

6:38 How did she get here?

10:24 Her Transformational Healing Program

11:18 Polyvagal Theory & Toning

12:40 EMDR Trauma Therapy

14:48 How to we begin to uncover trauma?

15:20 Fertility & Hormonal Imbalances

17:37 No such thing as “Little T” Trauma

18:08 Headaches & Digestive Issues

19:10 Why “I’m Okay” is detrimental

21:36 How can we start listening to the body

25:02 Patience in training Intuition

26:48 Connecting symptoms to our body’s communication

28:48 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

29:59 How do we protect ourselves from negative energy?

35:14 Recognizing the mirror & Rewriting the Story

39:52 Using diagnostics in the coaching process

42:05 Renee’s brain scans & vivid dreaming

45:14 *The Quantified Collective*

47:15 Root Cause Therapy & Epigenetics

49:45 Inflammation & Trauma

53:48 Connection between leaky gut & emotional trauma

57:33 Her story about dental issues

59:09 Her final piece of advice

1:00:07 Where to find her

1:00:32 Thanks for tuning in!



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