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205: Q&A: GLP-1 & Ozempic, Microdosing Stacks, Kratom & Kava, NAD Patches, and Reflections from the 9th Annual Biohacking Conference

Jul 31, 2023 | Season 3


Join us for a Biohacker Babes Q&A episode where we share our reflections from the recent Biohacking Conference, thoughts on GLP-1 agonists for weight loss, a new alcohol alternative, microdosing protocols, our current personal health challenges, and more!


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:25 Reflections from The Biohacking Conference

4:30 Biohacks we enjoyed

7:50 AmpCoil & BeLovedNow

12:22 GOT MOLD?

13:58 Fully Sustainable Homes (off the grid)

14:51 Our feedback and criticism

16:09 Learning how to be a Biohacker

17:46 Lack of female representation

18:49 Shock-value, blanket statements!

23:20 Making health more accessible

25:30 GLP-1 & Weight Loss

31:40 Habits Coaching

32:30 Why people choose the easy route

34:20 Root Causes/Drivers of GLP-1

35:35 Renee’s story about eating alone

37:05 Chewing & Satiety

38:22 *Sleep Breakthrough*

40:33 GLP-1, Bitters & Omegas

43:45 Botanicals & GLP-1 Signaling

44:50 Protein powders & Amino Acids

45:58 Diabetes is preventable

48:31 Renee’s Biohacking corner: Kratom & Kava

50:54 More deep sleep with alcohol

53:32 Microdosing stacks & protocols

59:27 Our current health challenges

1:08:01 Thanks for tuning in!


The Biohacking Conference



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