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213: Living in Conscious Communities with Brett Kaufman – Exploring Consciousness, Community and Connection with The Gravity Project

Sep 25, 2023 | Season 3


Brett Kaufman is a man on a mission. With a background in real estate development, he's not just about constructing buildings; he's dedicated to constructing communities that foster connection, well-being, and sustainability. His journey began with a simple but profound question, “How can we build spaces that not only house people but truly nurture their lives?” He is truly a visionary leader who is reshaping the way we live and connect with one another. His commitment to conscious communities offers hope for a more mindful and sustainable future, providing deeper connections among residents and a more harmonious living environment.

Brett Kaufman is a speaker, writer, coach and advisor to founders and startups. Driven by the bigger questions in life, Brett is dedicated to personal transformational work that allows us to live with more mental and physical freedom. Brett is the founder and CEO of Kaufman Development, creator of Gravity, and co-creator of a new investment platform dedicated to elevating companies that are dedicated to benefiting humanity. He has a decorated 18-year history in real estate development, earning the prestigious titles of Developer and Entrepreneur of the Year from both the Building Industry Association and Ernst & Young. But beyond accolades is his passion for innovation, which drives him to improve people's lives continuously. Since founding Kaufman Development in 2010, he's been responsible for 10,000 homes and various commercial projects – all designed to impact the world we share positively, one community at a time.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:31 Today’s guest & topic

4:02 What to expect

4:19 Brett Kaufman’s Bio

5:25 Welcome him to the podcast

6:18 His introduction to conscious living

8:34 What is a Conscious Community?

10:30 Gravity’s mission

11:40 How do we get people on board?

14:10 Getting back to ancestral living

15:10 Technology: for good & bad

17:31 Addressing isolation & mental health

19:49 Free & accessible biohacks

20:57 Finding like-minded individuals

22:05 About Gravity

23:40 Greenhouse concept

25:17 Optimizing with wearables

27:41 * Troscriptions: Blue Cannatine *

29:52 Filling the age gap

30:54 The impact of art on health

35:05 Who is this for?

36:48 Importance of elders in community

40:37 * Magnesium Breakthrough *

43:09 Sustainability & Architecture

44:22 Vision for the future

45:37 Being happier & giving back

49:50 Doing what you love

52:23 His final piece of advice

55:02 Where to find him

55:16 Thanks for tuning in!


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