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23: Hacking Your Fitness with Pamela Gold

Nov 11, 2019 | Season 1, Uncategorized


Our guest, Pamela Gold Is the Founder & Owner of New York City's first biohacking gym, HACK'D! HACK'D Fitness represents what Pamela sees as the future of fitness: the convergence of science and tech to give us the next generation of evidence-based evolution. In this episode she shares lots of wisdom she has learned along the way, the importance of finding your personal strengths and why mindset and breath work are a big piece of fitness for her.

1:21 Welcome to the show!
2:36 Pamela Gold’s Bio
4:20 Her story and how she got started
5:39 Understanding personal strengths
7:58 Highlands Ability Battery Test
9:33 What Hack’d is all about
11:16 Fitness as an entry point to greater consciousness
14:12 Responses and attachments to words  
15:05 What biohacking really means
16:24 Bridging the gap between fitness and mindset practices
19:30 The “sexy tech” at Hack’d
20:18 Importance of the “Working Zone”
22:02 ARX: Quantification and Data
23:45 Getting stronger by practicing stress tolerance
24:05 ‘Train moving through a tunnel’ analogy
24:28 Behavioral Therapy
26:26 Owning your feelings and loving them
27:08 Dr. Mark Atkinson & Psychological Fitness
28:12 The X3 Bar
30:10 Why we all need to use a coach!
31:03 ‘Seeing the label from the outside in’ analogy 
31:45 Why Pam works out less than 40 min/wk!
32:15 Who else is this for?
33:15 Strength training vs cardio
34:02 How to be your own fitness biohacker
34:31 The myth of exercising to burn calories
36:56 “Being comfortable being uncomfortable”
38:25  Rose tattoo hack
40:12 How it makes you hotter
45:35 The hero’s journey is not about you
46:51 Her Badass trifecta: Bravery, Compassion and Wisdom
48:21 Debate/Controversy
52:44 One thing Pam wants you to take away from this episode
56:57 Thanks for tuning in!

HACKD Fitness
About Pam
Strengths Finder 2.0 – book
Highlands Ability Battery Test
ARX Machine
X3 Bar
Body By Science – book

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