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231: Reversing Hair Loss, Gray & Thinning Hair with a Root Cause Approach l Anti-Agings Hack for Optimal Hair Health with Faraz Khan and Fully Vital Hair Care

Feb 5, 2024 | Season 3


Are you ready to unlock the secrets to youthful hair? Tune in to this week's episode where we interview Faraz Khan, the founder of Fully Vital and host of the Anti-Aging Hacks podcast. Hair health is a topic that affects all of us and often raises questions about aging, hormonal imbalances, and the elusive quest for maintaining healthy hair. He guides us through the intricate web of factors contributing to hair loss, offering insights into the role of aging and hormonal imbalances. We also delve into the mysteries of graying hair, exploring the science behind it and dispelling common myths. Faraz shares his expertise on selecting the right products and other biohacks we can incorporate to maintain vibrant, youthful hair.

Faraz Khan is the founder of FullyVital and host of the Anti-Aging Hacks Podcast. A leading expert in the field of hair loss in women, he has dedicated his career to understanding the complex interplay of hormones, diet, and lifestyle on hair health. Faraz’s work focuses on the molecular level of how testosterone and DHT affect hair follicles. His innovative thinking and empathetic approach have made him a sought-after voice in the field, helping countless individuals regain confidence and control over their hair health. His insights into hormonal imbalances, particularly around menopause, have contributed to a broader understanding of hair loss patterns in women. Whether through FullyVital’s products or his engaging podcast, Faraz continues to educate and inspire, making a tangible difference in the lives of many.


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:50 Faraz Khan’s Bio

5:51 Welcome him to the podcast!

6:55 Should our hair be aging?

9:46 Why do we lose hair?

11:30 Hair Thinning vs Hair Loss

14:28 Androgenic vs Androgenetic Hair Loss

15:56 COVID Hair Loss

17:53 Hormonal Hair Loss

18:41 Getting to the root causes

22:33 Our hair doesn’t lie!

23:40 Root causes for graying hair

25:30 Neutralizing Oxidative Stress

27:18 How long to reverse gray hair?

28:24 When is it too late?

30:04 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

31:53 Long-term damage with hair dyes

34:03 Supporting Hair with Spermidine 

35:11 Fully Vital Hair products

36:13 Benefits of Hair Brushing

39:02 Red Light Therapy & Hair

42:40 How often to wash your hair

45:57 Are hair products necessary?

47:49 Personalizing our care

50:39 Clean Hair Care & Novel Ingredients

57:56 How to get the best results

59:13 Copper Peptides

1:03:23 Lifestyle factors to support hair health

1:06:16 His final piece of advice

1:07:22 Where to find him


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