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233: Just the Babes: Hospital Stays, Modern Medicine & Root Cause Theories

Feb 19, 2024 | Season 3


In this episode, we share our recent experience with hospital visits, sharing personal stories that highlight the challenges of modern healthcare. Renee's husband underwent an unexpected appendectomy, while Lauren recounts a few wild days in the hospital without receiving clear answers about her current health issues. We explore the shortcomings of the conventional healthcare system, emphasizing the importance of proactive health measures to steer clear of “sick care.”


0:51 Welcome to the show

1:20 Finding Genius Podcast

2:25 A Month of Hospital Visits

3:16 Ryan’s Story

8:29 Is the Appendix essential?

11:34 Healing from Appendicitis

15:22 What causes Appendicitis?

16:56 Lauren’s Story

25:48 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

27:35 Lack of Sleep at Hospitals

35:44 *FilterOptix*

38:19 Colonoscopy Prep

41:32 Can AI Support Patient Care?

43:37 Lauren’s Working Theory

45:03 What can cause Anemia?

47:13 Renee’s story about H.Pylori

48:22 Psychosomatics

51:39 Lauren’s Mental Health

52:35 Past Labwork & Regrets

53:45 Issues with Anemia Diagnosis

1:00:14 Thanks for tuning in!


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