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234: The Benefits of Fasting in a Pill l Mimio’s Biomimetic Approach to Greater Longevity with Co-Founder Dr. Chris Rhodes

Feb 26, 2024 | Season 3


Dr. Chris Rhodes is the co-founder and CEO of Mimio Health. He has a PhD in nutrition and has always been fascinated by how we eat affects our health and longevity. Inspired by the power of fasting to enhance lifespan, he spent years researching the human body's response to a 36 hour fast and how it could unlock our built-in longevity bio-programs.

Mimio is a biomimetic supplement, derived from bioidentical molecules to the most powerful metabolites produced by our own bodies during a prolonged 36-hour fast, clinically shown to support a wide range of health benefits including enhanced energy, mood, memory and cognition, metabolism, balance to dietary inflammation, and healthy aging.


0:53 Welcome to the show!

1:44 Dr. Chris Rhodes’ Bio

2:45 Welcome him to the podcast!

3:28 About Mimio

4:03 Dr. Chris’ background

4:54 Fasting for Longevity & Healthspan

6:4 Research on Caloric Restriction

10:16 Why is mimicking fasting helpful?

11:28 His experience with fasting

14:44 Longevity & Social Connection

14:39 mTOR vs AMPK

17:00 Rapamycin: Mechanism of Action

18:58 Hormetic Stress & AMP-Kinase

20:45 Mimio’s Ingredient Sourcing

23:59 C.Elegans for Life Extension

25:10 *Filter Optix*

27:48 The Biomimetic Approach

28:28 Mimio Key Ingredients

30:47 Nicotinamide & NAD

33:45 Dosing structure of Mimio

36:30 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

38:18 What is Spermidine?

43:18 OEA (Oleic Acid)

45:29 Optimal duration for fasting

47:55 PEA Fatty Acids

52:18 Biological Age Testing

54:29 Best practices for Mimio

57:01 His final piece of advice

59:55 Thanks for tuning in!



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