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251: Just the Babes: Non-Toxic Personal Hygiene & Clothing, Most Googled Health Questions Plus Holistic Solutions, Cleaner Energy Drinks, Microdosing Stories, Cellular Detox and Upcoming Health & Biohacking Events!

Jun 24, 2024 | Season 3


In this episode of the Biohacker Babes podcast, we dive into a recap of our recent experience at the Hack Your Health event in Austin, cover the latest in health news, discussing groundbreaking research and emerging trends that are shaping the future of health and wellness. We also discuss the pervasive issue of microplastics in our environment and safe recommendations for personal hygiene products and clothing. And don't miss our personal health updates at the end with the new biohacking experiments we're testing, like a vagus nerve stimulator and the Align Mat.


0:54 Welcome to the show!

2:09 Recap from Hack Your Health

8:21 In the HEALTH News!

11:55 EMFs from Cell Phones

13:31 Healthier Energy Drinks!

21:09 The most Googled health trends

26:50 Microplastics in testicles!

28:22 Cleaner personal hygiene products

30:54 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

33:28 Non-Toxic clothing options

34:58 Nighttime light exposure & Diabetes

39:24 Lauren’s Microdosing Client Story

45:18 Pompa Health Program for Cell Detox

48:35 Renee’s Health Updates

51:51 Align PEMF Mat

59:24 Upcoming Events!

1:00:57 Thanks for tuning in!


Hack Your Health 2025 – Tampa

Healthspan Summit October 2024 – LA

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People with IBD and Microplastics

Nighttime Light Exposure X Diabetes

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Essentia Organic Mattress

Non-toxic Paint


Pompa Program for Cellular Detox

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