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253: Emotional Liberation with Raj Jana: Understanding How Emotions & Trauma Get Stored in the Body, Addressing Beliefs & Internal Family Systems, and Creating Safety So You Can Thrive

Jul 8, 2024 | Season 3


In this episode, we sit down with Raj Jana to explore the profound ways in which emotions and trauma are stored in the body. Raj shares his insights on how unaddressed beliefs and internal family systems influence our well-being and how creating a sense of safety is essential for thriving in today's world. We also discuss the power of plant medicines and the importance of integration, as well as his current collaboration with Dr. Nasha Winters, a renowned expert in integrative oncology. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge and practical tools for your healing journey!

Former reservoir engineer, 40-Under-40 serial entrepreneur, and media host, Raj Jana is passionate about building businesses and spreading messages that help human beings wake up to the fullness of themselves. Raj's first company JavaPresse, a lifestyle brand in the coffee space, helped over 500,000 people use a daily coffee ritual to experience more meaning and connection. Experiencing over 800% growth in the first few years and winning the INC 5000 award through sound business and social focuses, Raj’s work has been endorsed by Daymond John of Shark Tank and featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, and various other news outlets. 

He is currently a co-founder and the CEO of Liber8 – a human transformation company that uses a blend of AI technologies, precision wellness tools, and peer support to help individuals uncover and resolve the repressed emotions, hidden traumas, and unconscious belief systems that are contributing to poor mental & physical health. As a seeker, Raj has invested thousands of hours researching and testing tools at the intersection of ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical healing to uncover the most direct paths to accessing authentic expression, stepping into purpose, and creating meaningful relationships. He shares his biggest takeaways and lessons from navigating his own emotional triggers and traumas through his podcast, Stay Grounded, and various media outlets – which have collectively reached over 4 million people in 70+ countries over the last 5 years. 


0:51 Welcome to the show!

3:10 When did you decide to get sick?

4:12 Raj Jana’s Bio

5:18 Welcome Raj to the podcast!

6:49 Finding your ideal environment

10:28 What are emotions? 

11:14 How does our emotional health affect our overall health?

15:50 Why our beliefs about emotions matter

17:48 Trapped emotion in the body

22:25 The shame around crying

25:21 Inside Out movie

27:07 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

30:19 Renee’s experience with emotional release

33:18 Internal Family Systems (IFS)

39:11 The reason we ‘People Please’

42:10 The greatest Biohack of all time

45:38 Plant Medicines & Integration

50:12 About Liber8 

53:47 Emotional Mapping

1:02:25 His final piece of advice

1:04:56 His work with Dr. Nasha & A Metabolic Approach to Cancer

1:09:28 Precision Emotional Healing for Cancering patients

1:11:28 Where to find him (resources below)

1:11:38 Thanks for tuning in!


Website: Liber8 – code: BIOHACKERBABES10

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Podcast: Stay Grounded with Raj Jana

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