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26: Brain Health in the New Year!

Jan 6, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


We're sharing our top tips for optimizing brain health today: the top 2 factors you must address, brain-boosting superfoods, the debate surrounding nootropics, and much more!

1:17 Welcome to Season 2!
2:37 All about the brain
3:35 Who is this for?
5:09 Why it makes you hotter
6:30 What happens to our brains as we age
7:35 Two factors you must address
8:34 Our top tips for brain health
9:15 Canola oil and other toxic oils
9:55 How a healthy cell membrane works
11:23 Anti-Inflammatory & Brain-Boosting foods
12:52 Different diets for reducing inflammation
14:41 Gluten and Leaky Gut (and leaky brain)
15:42 Brain trauma and leaky gut
17:48 Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic nervous system
18:54 Exercise tips for brain health
19:46 Increasing BDNF
21:20 The importance of the Hippocampus
23:24 Sleep & the Glymphatic system
23:58 Best sleeping positions for detoxing the brain
25:15 Differences in sleep cycles
26:24 Genetic testing & Epigenetics
28:58 Additional factors for brain health
30:07 Debate & Controversy
33:45 Renee’s personal experience
36:15 Renee’s favorite hacks
38:06 Lauren’s favorite hacks
38:58 Lauren’s personal experience
40:48 Upcoming episodes and guests!
41:35 Q&A about Nootropics
43:55 Thanks for joining us!
44:28 NEW YEAR, STRONGER YOU 21-Day Challenge!

Study: Exercise & BDNF
Study: HIIT & BDNF Levels
Article: Oura Ring & Stages of Sleep
Memento Nootropic Creamer 
Remrise Sleep Formula – Use code RENEE50 for 50%
Four Sigmatic – CODE: SAMBIEFIT
New Year, Stronger You 21-Day Challenge

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