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29: Neurologically Fit with Rich Dougherty

Jan 27, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Today we are delving into brain health as it relates to physical rehabilitation and exercise. More specifically, we have a really exciting piece of technology we want to introduce to you called the NEUBIE (Neuro-Bioelectric-Stimulator)! Today’s guest, Rich Dougherty, of BioEnhancement Tech joins us to talk about the paradigm shift of exercise and rehabilitation and the body's innate power to heal itself.

1:21 Welcome to the show!

2:14 Rich Dougherty’s Bio

2:58 Rich’s story

4:12 Paradigm Shift with movement training

4:45 The invention of the NEUBIE machine

5:30 Lifting weights isn’t about muscle

6:10 Brain controls the muscles

6:47 Analogy: Men lifting cars off of kids

7:40 How this technology differs

8:30 How A/C current differs from D/C current

9:49 Neurological firing patterns

11:08 Why A/C current devices aren’t effective

11:59 NEUBIE Training vs Rehab

12:34 Diagnostic process

14:31 Why DC current is so powerful

15:08 Common findings with a knee injury/pain

16:23 Renee’s experience

17:10 Glute activation & neck pain

18:09 The initial client session

19:15 Pain vs origin of pain

20:05 (8) main uses for the NEUBIE

20:40 What is pain?

21:10 “Kink” in the nervous system

23:01 Self-imposed limitations

24:23 Do you need weights?

27:25 Rich’s (personal) training program

29:15 Tennis pro analogy

30:14 Who is this for?

31:17 The Master Reset (nervous system reset)

32:39 Success stories!

33:40 Emotional trauma held in tissue

34:20 Lauren’s experience

35:15 Why typical physical therapies aren’t successful

37:15 How you can find a NEUBIE in your area

37:46 Rich’s mission & motto

38:28 One piece of advice from Rich!

40:20 How you can find out more about Rich

41:42 Thanks for joining us!


Rich's Website:

IG: BioEnhancement Tech @bioenhancementtech

IG: Rich Dougherty (@rich_dougherty)

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