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34: Psychedelics with Melissa Hagan

Mar 2, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Learn how Melissa incorporated microdosing psilocybin into her healthy, holistic lifestyle to regain her health. She shares with us the importance of looking for the root cause to your symptoms and taking responsibility for your health.

1:15  Welcome to the show!
1:55  Melissa Hagan’s Bio
3:12  Melissa’s story
5:20  Experimenting different diets
6:27  Post-partum anxiety
7:29  PTSD symptoms
8:40  SSRI prescription
9:55  The Holistic Psychologist
11:09  Her Biohacking journey
11:42  Her journey into microdosing mushrooms
13:40  Falling into a belief system
15:35  “There's no such thing as a free lunch”
16:45  Don't identify with your diagnosis
17:44  Social media & mental health
18:25  Taking responsibility for your own health
19:12  Dealing with mental illness
19:28  The 3rd leading cause of death
21:15  The need for personalized medicine
21:56  Microdosing with intention
22:00  Burning Man & party drugs
22:57  Micro & therapeutic dosages
24:52  Nootropics
25:09  Paul Stamets' Mushroom STACK
26:00  Psychedelics 101
28:03  Shutting off your ego
29:16  Melissa's personal scientific study
30:30  Her microdosing schedule
31:13  Future self journaling
32:31  The Serotonin boost
33:23  Getting off of SSRIs
34:15  If you're not looking for your root cause…
36:00  Pharmaceutical drug commercials
38:45  Chapman Reflex Points
39:17  Vitamin B12 deficiency
40:28  “What is your body telling you?”
42:00  “The mindset has to be there”
43:53  Melissa's WHY in life
45:31  One piece of advice for takeaway
46:39  Thanks for tuning in!

Instagram: The.Wellness.Witch
Website – (coming soon!)

Ted Talk: Paul Stamets
Joe Rogan: Interview with Paul Stamets
NPR Article: 'Reluctant Psychonaut' Michael Pollan
MAPS: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
Instagram: The Holistic Psychologist
Michael Pollan's Book: How to Change Your Mind

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