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37: Fasting For Women with Kelsey Hess

Mar 23, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Fasting is such a hot topic right now, but should everyone be fasting? Most of the research revealing the amazing health benefits from fasting has been done on men and rodents, but NOT women! Kelsey shares her personal experimentation, as well as the thorough research she has done on the topic, and what women should know. 

1:19 Welcome to the show!
1:53 Kelsey's Bio
3:20 Her journey to better health
5:54 Teaming up with Kion
7:41 The Biohacker Babe connection
8:35 Glowing skin health
9:41 Starting birth control
10:38 Food triggers & Dietary changes
12:07 Paleo Diet as a template
12:40 Deep dive into the fasting research
14:16 The research gap on young healthy women
15:16 Men are thriving with fasting
16:11 Menstruating women are complicated to study
16:58 Eating for your cycle
17:52 The problem with the lack of cycle awareness
19:58 The best time of the month to fast
21:41 What are your fasting goals?
22:15 What if scenario…
23:30 Fasting if your focus is fat loss
24:48 The concern with cortisol spikes
25:31 How to know if it's working for you
27:15 Good stress vs Bad stress
30:25 Kelsey's personal benefits from fasting
32:40 Caloric Liquid Fasts
33:38 Renee's experience with the ProLon Fast
34:32 Caffeine while Fasting
36:57 Autophagy from coffee polyphenols
37:52 Glucose & Ketone testing
39:53 Dr. Jolene Brighten & Post-Birth Control Syndrome
41:19 Birth Control alternatives
43:04 The affect of BC on attraction
45:21 Be your own doctor
46:52 One piece of advice from Kelsey
48:47 Thanks for tuning in!

Kelsey's Instagram: itskelseyhess
The Complete Guide to Fasting for Women (Part 1)
The Complete Guide to Fasting for Women (Part 2)
Book: Beyond the Pill (Dr Jolene Brighten)

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