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40: Fad Diets (with The Babes)

Apr 13, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Why are we attracted to fad diets? What do they all have in common? What are the most important factors to consider before going on a diet? We answer all of these questions in this silly (and very serious) deep dive into the history of fad diets up until present day time.

1:22 Welcome to the show!
3:08 Why are fad diets popular?
4:52 The definition of the word “diet”
5:34 The Lifestyle Diet
6:08 Crazy fad diets through history
6:14 Tapeworm Diet
7:06 Sleeping Beauty Diet
7:48 Psychedelics and fasting
8:25 Hot Dog Diet
9:37 Cabbage Soup Diet
10:14 Grapefruit Diet
11:18 Food combining principle
12:10 The Vinegar Diet
13:21 Macrobiotic Diet
13:53 Skinny Bitch
14:41 Lucky Strike Diet
16:00 What do fad diets all have in common?
16:42 Why you might feel better on a vegan diet
17:46 Matching your biochemical needs to food
19:18 Damaging your metabolic rate
21:22 Finding out what’s right for you
22:09 The Ketogenic Diet
24:49 The Keto Flu
26:58 Genetic tests & markers for keto
28:53 Ketone testing
30:21 The Paleo Diet
31:31 Biohack for reintroducing meat
32:44 The cons of Paleo
35:03 The “Paleo Template”
35:31 Autoimmune Protocol
35:48 The Carnivore Diet
36:11 Pros of Carnivore
38:07 Concern with lack of fiber
40:13 The Mediterranean diet (Renee’s diet!)
41:53 Cons of Mediterranean diet
42:09 Genetic differences between sisters!
42:49 The Plant-Based Diet
43:05 The pros of eating plant-based
43:50 Trying to define “plant-based”
44:15 The cons of broad-based “anti-anything”
44:42 The cons of the Plant-Based Diet=
46:18 The Weston A. Price Diet
48:11 Beware of processed “health” foods
48:53 Things to consider before going on a diet
51:20 The mental/emotional piece
52:43 Thanks for tuning in!

Weston A. Price Foundation
Institute for the Psychology of Eating
A Brief History of Ridiculous Fad Diets

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