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41: Toxic Exposures at Home

Apr 20, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


We’re all stuck in our homes, which can surprisingly be one of the most toxic places to be. From the chemicals in cleaning products, to the flame retardants on furniture, to the personal care products in your bathroom (loaded with xenoestrogens)… our bodies can take quite a hit. In this episode, we address the connection between toxins and hormones, strategies for reducing your toxic load, and tips for creating cleaner health habits.

1:20 Welcome to the show!
2:20 Who should be concerned?
4:01 Toxins: the missing link?
4:37 Why most people are sick
5:17 Fat storage & Obesogens
5:48 Statistics about chemical exposure
6:40 “Innocent until proven guilty”
7:39 Lack of policy
8:31 Bisphenol in our bodies
9:25 Endocrine disruptors
9:58 PPAR gamma pathway
11:02 Obesity link to other disease
11:30 Concern with BPA
12:14 Why this makes you hotter
12:48 Debate & Controversy
14:08 “Everything is a chemical”
15:08 There’s no safe level for toxins
16:08 What makes us unique
17:02 Our top biohacking tips
17:11 Safe water bottles
20:20 Safe coffee lid
21:49 Personal care products
25:08 Fresh air exposure
25:27 Air filtration
27:05 Essential Oils
28:29 Safe cleaning products
30:05 Homebiotic spray
30:43 Reducing your overall exposure
31:44 The Rain Barrel Effect
32:38 Documentary: Toxic Beauty
33:03 Film: Dark Waters
34:03 See you next week!

Study: PPAR Gamma Activation
Study: PPAR, Environmental Chemicals & Sex Steroids
Article: Toxic Exposure

LifeFactory water bottle
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Reusable Coffee Lid
Reusable Coffee Cup

EWG Skin Deep database
Anne Marie Gianni Skincare
Drunk Elephant Skincare
Alitura Skincare
Rabbit Air Purifier
Molekule Air Purification
Air Oasis

Grove Collaborative
Thrive Market
Young Living
Homebiotic Spray
Toxic Beauty film

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