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43: Probiotics & Gut Health with Tina Anderson

May 4, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Probiotics are a hot topic and the variety of products on the store shelves today leaves many of us feeling confused about what to take. Today our guest expert, Tina Anderson from JustThrive, explains the pros and cons of different probiotics with a major focus on spore-based probiotics. She also shares many pearls on what can we do for our gut and immune health right now.

1:21 Welcome to the show
1:35 Tina Anderson’s Bio
2:48 Welcome Tina!
3:40 Tina’s story
5:10 The story of Just Thrive
6:59 The gap in the medical sphere
8:44 What is the microbiome?
9:44 The role of the microbiome
11:00 Antibiotic concerns
12:01 Gut offenders!
12:44 Taking care of lifestyle factors
13:45 Connection between gut health and viral infections
14:09 Building internal resistance
15:05 The key to better gut microbiome
15:45 “Ground Zero for Health”
16:58 Spore-based Probiotics
18:30 Lab testing on probiotic products
19:36 Alive vs Dormant
20:15 The 2 types of probiotic strains
21:27 Probiotic Myths
22:35 Typical probiotic brands
23:23 Gut-model study
25:01 Science-based research
26:25 Lipopolysaccharides & LPS STUDY
28:45 #1 driver for Alzheimer’s 
29:23 Asymptomatic non-celiac gluten sensitivity
29:56 Gluten & Inflammation
30:40 Gluten vs. Glyphosate
32:01 Gluten Away supplement 
32:40 Soil-based vs Spore-based
34:45 Diversity in the microbiome
35:52 DNA verification study
37:38 The flaws in stool testing
39:26 Prebiotics as the fertilizer
40:31 Prebiotic-rich foods
41:20 The role of fermented foods
43:32 SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
45:07 Rebalancing the gut
45:41 Antibiotic-resistance
47:37 Vitamin D3 & K2
48:45 Heart Disease & Vitamin K2-7
49:39 Death By Calcium
51:04 When to take your probiotics
53:16 Dosage recommendation
53:29 How to know if it’s working
55:30 Word of caution
57:52 One takeaway from Tina
59:18 Thanks for tuning in!

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