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46: Higher Dose Infrared, Fat Loss & Immunity with Lauren Berlingeri

May 25, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Lauren Berlingeri is Co-Founder/Co-CEO of HigherDOSE — a spa focused on next-level health and wellness therapies, and information on “getting high naturally”. Together we dive into the benefits behind infrared saunas and how to optimize your health through sweating and doing less.

1:20 Welcome to the show!
1:39 Lauren Berlingeri’s Bio
2:47 Lauren’s current experience in Quarantine
4:00 Sauna routine at home
4:28 Staying hydrated while breastfeeding
5:18 Hormone balancing & skin health
6:09 History of sauna practice
6:40 Study: Men in sauna vs all-cause mortality
7:21 Health benefits of infrared sauna
9:15 Heat Shock Proteins (HSP)
9:57 Sauna for Recovery & Rehab
10:50 Differing types of sweat
11:39 Her discovery of infrared saunas
13:51 Sharing the benefits of sauna with NYC
15:08 Lauren’s personal health journey
17:30 “Women vs Workout”
20:53 Her ah-ha moment
23:25 The power of less
24:28 Shatavari & herbs for hormones
24:57 Her morning super coffee
28:12 Infrared vs Traditional sauna
29:47 What to expect at Higher Dose
30:52 Sauna culture around the world
32:30 Endorphin release
33:34 HIGHERDOSE Spa culture
34:25 Infrared sauna blankets
39:09 Saunas & EMF-exposure
41:47 Partnering with Clearlight Sauna
46:01 Future plans for Higher Dose
47:55 Lauren’s one piece of advice
50:41 Thanks for tuning in!

Higher Dose
Anima Mundi Herbs
Premier Research Labs
Instagram: Lauren Berlingeri
Instagram: Higher Dose

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