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48: The Ideal Food Template with Steph Lowe

Jun 8, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist, shares her passion for spreading a positive message about real food and the incredible affect it has on health, fertility and performance. In this episode, she breaks down what really needs to be on your plate, her thoughts on the Carnivore diet and why health isn't found in the extremes, gut testing the importance of a healthy gut microbiome during pregnancy, and so much more!

1:22 Welcome to the show!
1:35 Steph Lowe’s Bio
3:04 Her experience with COVID & Social Isolation
5:36 Her journey into health & fitness
7:31 Why she went Gluten-Free
8:29 How finding her purpose healed her health
10:03 Healthy fats vs carbohydrates in the diet
11:40 The role of fiber in the diet
13:20 Her thoughts on the Carnivore Diet
14:37 The ideal food template
15:50 “Health is not found in the extremes”
17:08 The first step to optimizing your diet
17:46 Fiber & the Microbiome
19:35 Connections with the gut
20:43 Co-morbidities & viral susceptibility
22:17 Minimizing pharmaceutical interventions
22:53 Red flags for low diversity in the gut
23:27 Stool Tests & Metagenomic Sequencing
24:18 Metabolites vs Bacteria
25:20 The benefits of testing
25:55 Short-Chain Fatty Acids & Neurotransmitters
28:01 Legumes in the diet & The Blue Zones
29:26 Bacterial overgrowth & Dysbiosis
31:26 FODMAPs
32:19 The #1 myth about gut health
33:15 Building your plate
34:17 Saturated fats & Keto diet
35:15 Prioritizing quality food
35:55 TMAO & Glycine
36:39 Too much protein in the diet & The Protein Fallacy
39:18 Regenerative Agriculture & Environmental Pollution
43:13 Defining Fasting
44:17 The only studies we have on fasting
45:00 How to approach fasting for female clients
47:27 Preconception Nutrition
49:53 Importance of microbiome during pregnancy
51:59 Her journey as a Mother thus far
55:14 Her one piece of advice for takeaway
56:03 Thanks for tuning in!

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