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50: Reflections on 2020

Jun 22, 2020 | Season 2, Uncategorized


We're wrapping up Season 2 with a recap of our favorite biohacks in 2020 and the overall biggest takeaways from all of our incredible guests this year.  Lessons on everything from various gut tests, experimenting with nootropics, fasting for women (and everyone!), supplementing with NAD, rewiring the brain, wellness minimalism, and so much more!

1:21 Welcome to the show!
2:53 Our experience with DayTwo testing
5:35 Renee’s Viome results
7:43 Lauren’s CGM experience
9:23 Stress & blood sugar link
10:55 Effects of fasting
11:37 Experimenting with NAD
13:16 Apollo Neuroscience band
14:10 WHOOP Band
16:43 Season 2 lessons from the experts
18:28 Gut & Brain connection
18:58 Blue Cannatine with Dr. Scott Sherr
21:01 Nootropic episodes
23:44 Brain Wash with Dr. Perlmutter
24:34 Food decisions aren’t are fault
25:13 NeuFit with Rich Dougherty
27:30 Kettlebell specialist, John Parker
29:05 Food template with the Natural Nutritionist
30:55 JustThrive probiotics with Tina Anderson
32:00 Sexual biohacking with Susan Bratton
33:54 Fasting with Kelsey Hess
35:18 Concussion recovery with Dasha Maximov
35:50 Women’s biohacking movement
37:25 Lauren Berlingeri with Higher Dose
40:35 Psychedelics with the Wellness Witch
43:43 Breathwork with Sage Rader
46:25 Biohacking with Freddie Kimmel
48:08 Brain health & plant medicine with Dr. DiMarco
50:43 What do you want to hear?
51:55 Thanks for tuning in!

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Sage’s website/Breath Church
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Dr. Michael DiMarco

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