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55: The Ups and Downs of Blood Sugar

Aug 8, 2020 | Season 3, Uncategorized


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As biohackers, and as women with a curiosity for optimal performance, we have found so much useful and data and anecdotal evidence from our Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM. Our glycemic responses are not just reactive and relative to food, but to exercise, stress, sleep, emotional and even environmental factors. In this episode we share the basics on glucose testing, what causes spikes and drops in our glucose, and a comparison of our genetics for blood sugar imbalance risk factors.



1:21 Welcome to the show!

2:22 What is a CGM?

4:07 Accessibility of these devices

7:26 Why should you want a CGM?

8:57 Additional benefits of glucose monitoring

10:49 Glucose goals for non-diabetics

12:16 Look for daily trends

13:07 Looking at genetic factors

13:26 Lauren’s genetic report

14:56 Renee’s genetic report

17:52 Our experiences thus far with a CGM

19:15 The effects of alcohol on blood glucose

21:11 Disassociating hunger from low blood sugar

22:20 The biggest cause of blood glucose spikes!

24:18 Metabolic Typing & Oxidation status

24:48 Zac Efron’s trip to Sardinia

25:45 Infrared Sauna & HIIT training

27:37 Lauren’s biggest trigger

29:32 Lauren’s most useful hack

32:36 Digging into emotional stress

34:52 Eating when stressed

35:26 Exercise & blood glucose

36:07 Supplementation for glucose control

38:36 Thanks for joining us today!



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