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56: Neurofeedback & Brain Health with Dr. Andrew Hill

Aug 17, 2020 | Season 3


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Dr. Andrew Hill is a neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and biohacking advocate. He holds a PhD. in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA, and is best known for his mission to bring the brain-hacking technology of neurofeedback into mainstream practice. In this episode we discuss brain mapping, retraining cognitive function, breaking down addiction and tolerance, and how to effectively reset your circadian rhythm with light and food.


1:22 Welcome to the show!

1:56 Dr. Hill’s Bio

3:15 What is Neurofeedback?

5:22 Beta vs Theta brain waves

7:14 Neurofeedback Sessions

8:53 Sudoku vs Meditation

10:05 What exactly is meditation?

10:22 “Present-time awareness”

11:35 “Single-point Awareness”

12:25 Meta “Heart-Mind Awareness”

15:32 His brain-biohacking rules

17:49 Brain-Mapping (Quantitative EEG)

19:14 Anterior-Cingulate features

21:11 Posterior-Cingulate features

21:59 Creating agency over your own brain function

24:19 Genetics and Cognitive expression

26:35 The Mapping Cap

30:35 Mapping Biohackers + Stimulants

33:04 Recovery time on Neurofeedback

34:19 Traumatic Brain Injuries & Brain Fog

? Therapy for Trauma

41:15 Addiction and the brain

42:45 Coffee vs other stimulants

45:29 Reversing cannabis tolerance

48:40 Peak Brain’s Nootropic

49:27 The problem with melatonin

51:21 Why light isn’t as dangerous as we think

52:19 Circadian Rhythm & Food Rules

58:31 Glycation & Oxidation with Aging

1:00:18 How Neurofeedback was discovered!

1:03:56 Working with Chronic Pain patients

1:10:10 His one piece of advice for takeaway

1:10:27 Inaccuracies with sleep trackers

1:15:03 Thanks for tuning in!



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