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63: Interviewing the Babes

Oct 5, 2020 | Season 3


Just the Babes today, and we're interviewing each other! No prep, all surprises! Find out our latest health obsessions, go-tos, takeaways and current state of affairs. Stay tuned to the end for our audience Q&A!


1:22 Welcome to our Q&A!

2:43 The books we’re reading right now

6:25 Renee’s newest supplement fascination

8:06 Lauren’s ‘silver lining’ of 2020

11:58 Renee’s favorite meal of the week

13:47 Lauren’s favorite biohacking wearable

15:15 GlycanAge test

17:01 Renee’s latest curiosity

20:24 Lauren’s ice cube biohack

22:06 Renee’s recent “failure”

25:24 Lauren’s HRV “failure”

27:50 Best & worst documentaries of 2020

32:02 Renee’s “outdated” advice

35:56 Lauren’s biohacking dream

40:35 Lauren’s #1 supplement of choice

42:10 Renee’s #1 supplement 

43:45 Q&A: Sleep, blood sugar & fasting

47:52 Q&A: Surprising habits & biohacks 

51:34 Thanks for tuning in! 



Book: Sacred Cow 

Book: Boundless

Oura Ring

GlycanAge Test 

GI-Map Test

DUTCH Hormone Test

Kiss the Ground film

Unwell on Netflix

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