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64: Beliefs & Biological Healing with Christine Dionese

Oct 12, 2020 | Season 3


Join us for an inspiring and heartwarming dialogue with integrative, epigenetic health specialist Christine Dionese, founder of Flavor ID and research-led podcast Well Examined. Christine has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. Her humble endeavor is to help individuals, kids and families activate their vision of health by beginning at the belief level. In this episode we cover the importance of genetics and biohacking your wellness, and how you can get started on this journey!


1:22 Welcome to the show!

4:43 Christine Dionese’s Bio

5:59 Welcome Christine!

6:52 How she got started on this journey

9:58 Her discovery of genetic testing

10:43 Fanconi Anemia & gene signaling

12:52 Debunking ‘genetic determinism’

13:53 The Biology of Belief

16:33 Getting started with clients

19:32 The basic differences between Functional & Biological medicine

22:25 “Preparing the body” with Biological Medicine

24:21 Health & Healthcare in NYC

28:06 The genetic tests she uses

32:38 Our own experience with genetic testing

34:19 Check out Self Decode!

36:28 Exploring gene families

38:03 “Biohacking our way back to health”

39:59 A negative perspective of biohacking

42:20 Biohacker vs Health Enthusiast

44:36 Christine’s role as a mother

48:30 Parenting in 2020

52:10 Lifestyle tips from her Sicilian family

53:46 Evidence of epigenetic changes in migration

58:26 Her one piece of advice

1:00:40 Thanks for tuning in!



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