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66: Light Therapy Healing with Scott Kennedy

Oct 26, 2020 | Season 3


Scott Kennedy, a certified laser/light specialist and health coach, shares his incredible experience with light therapy for numerous health conditions ranging from weekend warriors with back tightness to those suffering from autoimmune diseases to those suffering from depression. We dive into the benefits of red light therapy, as well as the benefits from other colors like blue and green!


1:20 Welcome to the show!

3:49 Scott Kennedy’s Bio

5:27 Welcome Scott!

5:55 How he got started

9:36 The convenience of having a home device

10:20 Professional athletes use for recovery

11:43 Whole body vs local treatment

13:05 The ideal treatment time

14:23 Clinical studies proving efficacy

15:15 Photosynthesis & energy

17:42 Why is RED light so popular?

18:57 Greatest benefits of red light

19:57 Benefits across the visible light spectrum

21:21 STUDY: Eye function

22:37 Light therapy and brain disorders

24:35 Gut/Brain connection

26:02 Resetting Circadian Rhythm

27:14 Differences between RED & BLUE light

28:20 Vilifying blue light

30:33 Biohacking in the modern world!

31:37 Can we get everything we need just from the sun?

33:38 Is Light Therapy the ultimate biohack?

35:23 Staying grounded in research

36:10 Light therapy does “one thing”

37:57 Clinical studies on COVID & Light Therapy

40:50 Renee’s experience with COVID & red light

42:09 The benefits for animals

43:45 Light therapy in mainstream medicine

45:23 The differences between LightPath and other devices

49:10 Recapping the differences in color benefits

52:04 His one piece of advice

54:26 Discount code!

54:41 Where to find Scott

54:57 Thanks for tuning in!


Website: LightPath to Wellness


IG: LightPath to Wellness

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