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69: What Your Heart is Telling You

Nov 16, 2020 | Season 3


We took a deep dive into the hot topic of Heart Rate variability! What it is, why you should be testing, how to test it, using technology & biofeedback and what we've learned personally over the years.


1:21 Welcome to the show!

2:20 WHAT is Heart Rate Variability?

6:27 STUDY: HRV & Heart Attacks 

6:48 Heart Arrhythmias

7:33 Daylight Saving Time & Stress

9:18 The HRV goal

11:40 Considerations

13:35 Athletic performance

15:47 WHY test HRV?

17:56 HOW to test HRV

21:38 Using Biofeedback

24:54 Factors that affect your number

27:14 Overall tips for support

28:36 OURA Ring All-Stars

29:53 Our top biohacks

32:41 Lauren’s HRV fail

34:52 Using NEUBIE to rebound

35:53 Hormesis for resiliency

38:01 Useful supplements

41:00 The benefits of consistency

41:51 Our personal experiences

44:29 Seasonal trends

47:49 Renee’s alcohol hack

48:48 Episode recap

49:23 Thanks for tuning in!


  • TRAINING (volume, intensity, rest between workout days)
  • LIFESTYLE (alcohol, circadian rhythm/sleep, nutrition)
  • HRV can drop during REM sleep
  • HRV can increase during Deep sleep
  • BIOLOGICAL (age, gender, genetics, health history)


Study: HRV as predictive factor for sudden cardiac death

HRV Testing:


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