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7: The Truth About Adrenal Fatigue, Iron, and Vitamin D l A Deep Dive on Common Health & Wellness Misconceptions and How to Find Real Answers with Dr. Joel Rosen

Jul 5, 2022 | Season 3


Dr. Joel Rosen shared his passion to empower people to go from exhausted to energized and why getting to the root cause of chronic fatigue is so important. We dive into the controversy around the diagnosis of “adrenal fatigue”, the role of mast cell activation, and what we need to know about the myths surrounding supplementation with iron, copper, and vitamin D.

Dr Joel Rosen is the founder of His mission is to expose the truth about adrenal fatigue burn-out so that he can empower 100 million people to go from exhausted to energized. The truth is, adrenal fatigue goes deeper than just the adrenals. Dr Joel's signature program to create energy on demand encompasses the 5 P's – Purpose, Production, Programming, Pain, and Patterns. When all 5 are addressed, transformation into all day energy is the result.


0:52 Welcome to the show!

4:05 Dr. Joel Rosen’s Bio

4:45 Welcome Joel!

6:15 What’s the controversy around adrenal fatigue?

10:25 Why is there misconception?

11:26 People want answers!

12:52 The DUTCH Test

17:31 Top causes of fatigue

20:57 *Troscriptions Ad*

22:05 Mast Cell Activation

23:43 Where to start with clients

26:13 The problem with iron

27:00 Genomics & Labs for Iron status

31:58 The importance of testing Ferritin

34:07 Iron-fortified foods

38:19 Using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

40:26 Detox pathways & NADPH

44:01 Testing fasting insulin

45:13 *Dry Farm Wines Ad*

46:02 Should we take supplements?

49:26 The myths about Vitamin D

53:35 Effective ways to synthesize vitamin D

54:29 Where to find Dr. Joel!

55:14 His final piece of advice

58:23 Thanks for tuning in!


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