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72: Women’s Biohacking Roundtable with Angela Foster

Dec 7, 2020 | Season 3


A roundtable discussion with our friend, and fellow Kion Coach, Angela Foster! Angela is a Nutritionist and Executive Health and Performance Coach. Angela is the host of the High Performance Health Podcast, the show where she talks about everything you need to break through limits and achieve a High Performance Mind, Body and Lifestyle. Angela uses a combination of modern science and biohacking with time honored holistic practices to transform her clients’ health, energy and performance. Angela’s particular field of speciality is in optimising the expression of her clients’ individual genetics for ultimate health. Tune into our “fireside chat” as we discuss the differences in health and biohacking for women, and our personal experiences with fasting, optimizing sleep, and boosting brain function!


1:21 Welcome to the show!

2:53 Angela Foster’s Bio

4:05 Welcome Angela!

4:40 Biohacking for women!

6:27 How Renee got into biohacking

8:42 Lauren’s health journey

11:30 Lauren’s experience with a vegetarian diet

13:17 Lifestyle factors that coincide with going plant-based

14:38 Growing up with the “Original Biohacker”

17:00 Angela’s children & healthy habits

19:23 Our experiences with fasting

21:45 Using a CGM for glucose trends

23:22 Angela’s experience with stress & fasting

25:28 The most surprising glucose triggers!

27:50 Renee’s glucose dips during sleep

28:45 ApoE genetic variant

29:50 Angela’s evening routine

31:08 Lauren’s top sleep biohacks

31:46 Renee’s pre-bedtime tips

34:13 EMFs & Melatonin production

35:45 The struggle as a caretaker

37:16 DUTCH testing for cortisol

39:08 Lauren’s “Adrenal Fatigue”

41:17 Misunderstanding Cortisol

43:34 Renee’s plan during shutdowns

44:53 Lauren’s activity goals

45:39 Find My Formula nootropics

47:30 Troscriptions Blue Cannatine

48:30 The benefits of collagen

51:02 Using rosemary in coffee

52:16 Mugwort for lucid dreaming

55:20 2020 Holiday plans

57:52 Vitamin D & Light exposure in the winter

1:00:02 Thanks everyone!


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