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73: The Water Secret You Need to Know

Dec 14, 2020 | Season 3


Dr. Que Collins, the co-founder of the Center for Deuterium Depletion, is a leading scientist when it comes to developing and applying nutrition and metabolic therapies to treat cancer in people and pets. In this episode he shares how we are being exposed to higher levels of deuterium and why our body's ability to deplete it decreases with weight gain, age, illness and lack of quality sleep. He believes deuterium is likely responsible for almost every disease we can imagine that's plaguing in today's society and shares what we can start doing today to improve our overall health long-term.

1:21 Welcome to the show!

3:54 Dr. Que’s Bio

5:04 Setting up today’s interview

5:36 Welcome Dr. Que

6:39 Deuterium Biochemistry 101

8:21 The Big Bang 

10:34 The foundation of all disease

11:06 The Center for Deuterium Depletion 

12:58 Why everyone should care about DD

17:01 Our natural detox system for deuterium

18:21 Wind Turbine analogy

19:21 Looking at health like a bank account

21:58 What can we do to reduce exposure

22:52 Are donuts bad for us?

25:58 The problem with our earth and food agriculture

28:00 Importance of knowing your deuterium levels

31:30 D-Terminator Test

34:25 DD Breath Test

35:34 “The healthiest people”

37:30 Why humans have survived

39:09 Sunshine, Vitamin D & Cholesterol

40:11 Organic Acids & optimal lab values

41:28 Cancer cells vs normal cells

41:58 Saunas & Cancer

43:16 Lauren & Renee’s experience with DD testing

45:11 Groundwater info

46:26 Water & ATP production

47:58 The importance of proper breathing

48:50 Oxygenated water

50:31 Deuterium & ACE-2 Receptors

51:47 How to get started

52:25 Affecting brain function

53:46 Water Filtration FAQ

54:35 Advice for right now

57:49 Warming of the planet & increasing D levels

59:37 Hydrogen explained

1:01:45 Supporting deuterium-depleted businesses

1:02:58 New crowd-funded research program

1:04:49 Anti-aging properties & living to 150 years old

1:06:59 KetoPet Sanctuary

1:11:59 His one piece of advice

1:13:09 Thanks for tuning in!


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KetoPet Sanctuary

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